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Table 1 Study sample and participants

From: Aligning vertical interventions to health systems: a case study of the HIV monitoring and evaluation system in South Africa

Type of facility Type of HIV service No. in sample Data collection tools
Hospital* HIV treatment (ART site) 2 Facility checklist
Community health centre@ HIV prevention** HIV treatment (DR site)# 2 Facility checklist
Primary care clinic HIV prevention 7 Facility checklist
Interview participant Level of health system No. in sample Data collection tools
Facility (operational) manager Health facility 11 Semi-structured questionnaire
HIV programme manager Provincial 4 In-depth interview guide
  1. *These are dedicated HIV treatment clinics located within the hospital
  2. **HIV prevention services include VCT, PMTCT, TB/HIV collaboration services, and PEP
  3. @Like clinics, community health centres (CHC) are nurse-driven health facilities providing primary care services. Clinics offer an 8-hour daily service; CHCs offer a 24 hour services, including maternity delivery services.
  4. #DR = down-referral ART site