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Table 2 Variables measured in the study

From: Aligning vertical interventions to health systems: a case study of the HIV monitoring and evaluation system in South Africa

Variables Definition
Design of the HIV M&E* ▪ Existence of an M&E framework and plan
▪ Definition of data elements/HIV indicators
▪ Availability of financial resources
▪ Existence and staffing of M&E unit
Activities for the production of HIV information Collection: number of data recording forms in use; number and purpose of HIV data elements recorded.
Collation and reporting: number of data collation forms; mechanisms to transmit data from facility to higher levels of health system, format for reporting and audience.
Analysis: approach to HIV data analysis at different levels of the health system.
Availability of HIV information ▪ Whether HIV indicators are disseminated to and available at the district level.
Extent of HIV M&E and DHIS integration Extent of sharing of:
Collection: personnel and forms that record HIV and DHIS data.
Collation and reporting: personnel and forms that collate HIV and DHIS data; reporting pathways and mechanisms, and audience to whom HIV and DHIS indicators are sent.
Analysis: shared personnel and analytic approach for HIV and DHIS data.
  1. *This variable measures whether the required organizational attributes of an M&E system are in place [4, 34].