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Table 5 Number of HIV data elements collected with nationally-defined forms

From: Aligning vertical interventions to health systems: a case study of the HIV monitoring and evaluation system in South Africa

Aspect of HIV service and type of form used to record data No. of data elements recorded
HIV prevention data: recorded on the PHC (HIV) register 44
TB/HIV collaboration services 7
Post-exposure prophylaxis for rape survivors 8
Assessment for ART 7
STI treatment in ART patients 1
HIV prevention data: recorded on the VCT register 11
VCT service use 11
HIV prevention data-recorded on PMTCT registers 11
Nevirapine dispensed to pregnant women 4
AZT dispensed to pregnant women 7
HIV treatment data-recorded on ART register and tally sheets 135
ART assessment-for ART eligibility and drug readiness 25
ART follow-up-clinical, laboratory, drug regimen (register) 9
Viral load and CD4 testing-at baseline and follow-up (tally) 36
Dispensing of nutritional supplements (tally) 22
ART services-tally of activities for ART assessment and follow-up 33
Stock control-tally of stock outs in previous month 10