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Table 6 Facility-specific forms for recording HIV data

From: Aligning vertical interventions to health systems: a case study of the HIV monitoring and evaluation system in South Africa

Types of data collected with facility-specific forms* No. of clinics (n = 7) No. of down-referral sites (n = 2)
VCT service use 5 1
CD4 testing and results by patient name 4 2
TB/HIV prevention (collaboration) - 1
Pre-ART support, ART readiness, referral to CCMT site for ART 6 2
Down-referrals from ART site N/A 2
No. of facility-specific forms in use per facility   
No. of facilities using 1 facility-specific form 1 -
No. of facilities using 2-3 forms 6 -
No. of facilities using > 3 forms 0 2
  1. *None of the CCMT sites developed facility-specific data recording forms