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Table 7 Extent of integration of the HIV M&E system with the DHIS

From: Aligning vertical interventions to health systems: a case study of the HIV monitoring and evaluation system in South Africa

M&E activity HIV prevention sub-programme HIV treatment sub-programme
  Overall: partial integration Overall: no integration
Data collection partial integration no integration
Data recording forms Forms for HIV prevention data are separate from DHIS forms. Forms for ART data are separate from DHIS forms.
Personnel who record the data Dedicated HIV personnel record most prevention data; some sharing only at clinics where PHC nurses record some PMTCT and all DHIS data. Dedicated CCMT data clerks capture only ART data.
Data collation and reporting full integration no integration
Data collation forms Data are collated on the standard monthly collation form that is used for DHIS data. DORA monthly collation form-separate from DHIS data collation form.
Data reporting (also see Figure 1) Data reported through DHIS reporting mechanisms. Data reported through dedicated channels separate from the DHIS.
Data analysis full integration no integration
Approach and level at which data analysed Same analysis approach as DHIS; analysis at sub-district and district levels by same staff who analyse DHIS data. DORA reports analysed at national level-separate analysis from DHIS.
Dissemination full integration no integration
Information dissemination processes Indicators disseminated through the DHIS to managers at district and provincial levels. DORA reports disseminated to the National Treasury and National Departments of Health-not through the DHIS.