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Table 1 Profile of case study institutes and initial support received

From: Approaches to developing the capacity of health policy analysis institutes: a comparative case study

Institute & Country Legal Status Establishment External support to capacity development Current Situation
Health Strategy and Policy Institute (HSPI), Vietnam Public entity under jurisdiction of MOH 1998 in its current form - evolved from previous government organizations. Initial support primarily from government Regarded as an effective player in informing policy debates nationally
Health Economics Unit (HEU), South Africa Formally established institute within the School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cape Town 1990 - established by previous head of the Unit with support from the University of Cape Town. Limited outside support received initially Well established and well respected both nationally and internationally
Institute for Health Systems (IHS), India NGO, registered as a society 1990 - established by senior civil servant who acted as head of the Institute for several years. Limited outside support received initially Has had many changes in fortune, currently re-establishing itself after financial difficulties
Health Economics Institute (HEI), Bangladesh Formally established institute within Department of Economics, University of Dhaka 1998 - established by government with support from UK DFID UK DFID grant for 5 years, with a value of US$194,000 per annum.
Included support for organizational development, staff training and capacity development, and financial support
Receives minimal funding and health policy analysis functions have dramatically declined. The institute now plans to broaden its mission and mandate beyond the health sector.
Health Policy Analysis Unit (HPAU), Uganda Integral to MOH 1999 - established by government with support from the World Bank World Bank support of US$245,000 per annum for five years, designated largely for policy analysis work Receives minimal funding, and its position within the MOH hierarchy has declined
Centre for Health and Social Services (CHeSS), Ghana Registered NGO 2008- established by former senior civil servant Grant from Rockefeller Foundation, US$394,000 per annum provides support for organizational development as well as technical work Still in early phases of development