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Table 2 Chronology of events preceding and following the takeover of the management of the CHF by the NHIF

From: Promoting universal financial protection: a case study of new management of community health insurance in Tanzania

Date Event
2007 Cabinet directive No 37/2007 to synchronise the NHIF and the CHF to support the implementation of the Primary Health Services Development Programme and provide technical and managerial support and extend CHF coverage.
31st January- 2nd February, 2007 CHF best practice workshop in Dar es Salaam funded by SDC and GTZ in collaboration with the MoHSW.
October, 2007 Ten year evaluation of the health sector recommending synchronization of NHIF and CHF operations conducted by an external consultant and commissioned by development partners and the Government of Tanzania.
March, 2008 Resolution by MoHSW management team that the NHIF should oversee CHF.
August, 2008 Regulatory framework feasibility study commissioned by the MoHSW which included a scenario on merging the NHIF and CHF funded by GIZ and SDC.
4th June, 2009 Signing of MOU between the MoHSW, PMO-RALG and NHIF management. Secondment of MoHSW national CHF coordinator to the NHIF.
September 2009 Country evaluation of the net worth of the CHF by the NHIF.
October 2009 The CHF action plan 2009–2012 developed.
February 2010 Appointment of staff to oversee CHF at the zonal/regional NHIF offices.
March 2010 The NHIF began payment of matching funds to the districts.
September 2011 CHF Directorate created within the NHIF.
Late 2011 CHF action plan revised for remaining year.
December 2011 Meeting of CHF coordinators from across the country to inform about the reform and set targets to meet 30% coverage nationally.
February-April 2012 National client days to gather opinions on CHF implementation.
Printing and distribution of CHF leaflets and posters.
Districts are instructed to budget for use of CHF cars that can be used to promote CHF, showing promotional films to communities.
June 2012 NHIF and CHF management teams expected to report on 3 year experience and present plan for coming years to the MoHSW and PMOLARG.