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Table 3 Overview of matching fund claiming procedures before and after the reform

From: Promoting universal financial protection: a case study of new management of community health insurance in Tanzania

  Pre-reform Post-reform
Frequency Claims can be submitted at any time before end of financial year. Payments are made quarterly. Claims should be submitted quarterly.
Procedure District must enter into contract with the MoHSW. As before, plus a list of names of all household head CHF members and their dates of joining. District must enter into contract with the NHIF. Plus:
Provide bank statement and reconciliation and summary of CHF revenue and expenditure. A letter which has been signed by the District Executive Director (DED) /District Medical Officer (DMO).
  Matching grant request form.
Copy of the cash books.
A report of the CHF progress from the last fund request
Government exchequer receipt.
Stakeholder involvement District CHF coordinator prepares claim and submits to national CHF coordinator. CHF coordinator prepares claim and submits to zonal NHIF manager.
Rules Must have collected a minimum of USD 3,125 in order to submit a claim. No minimum amount of funds are needed for those have already started receiving funds.
Districts which are requesting matching fund for the first time have must have collected a minimum of USD 3,125.
Verification procedure No formal verification procedure. Some verification of claims.
Fund management MoHSW releases funds to districts which are budgeted for annually. MoHSW gives funds to NHIF annually, who transfer money directly to district CHF account, or facility accounts.
Speed of fund disbursement Funds disbursed within a minimum of 2 months. Funds should be disbursed within 30 days of receiving a claim.
  1. Source: CHF coordinators and NHIF management.