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Table 4 Community Conversation evaluation

From: Involving consumers and the community in the development of a diagnostic instrument for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Australia

Likert statements Responses (very positive/positive) Total number of responses
1. The Community Conversation was informative 24 (83%) 29
2. The Community Conversation was useful 22 (76%) 29
3. The Community Conversation was participative 27 (96%) 28
4. Did the Community Conversation meet your expectations? 27 (90%) 30
5. Did the Community Conversation cover most areas that were important to you? 24 (80%) 30
6. Did the presentation on current research provide enough information? 21 (70%) 30
7. How well were your questions answered? 22 (73%) 30
8. Did you have an opportunity to put forward your ideas/priorities for research? 28 (93%) 30
Summary of responses to open-ended questions   
9. Is there anything else you would like to add? Doctors need to give correct information that ‘no alcohol is safe when pregnant’
What we said was valued
Need to provide information to high school students
More information on FASD research and issues surrounding diagnosis
Health professionals have different perspective to community members
Great to have access to up-to-date sharing of information and resources
Inspiring presentations by parents living with children with a FASD
10. The best thing about the Community Conversation was: Very informative
Our voices and points of view were heard
Hearing different opinions
11. The worst thing about the Community Conversation was: Questions repetitive and not deep enough
More time for discussion
Not enough pregnant women or Aboriginal women
12. Do you have any suggestions about how we might improve future Community Conversations? Longer time
Questions sent to participants prior to Community Conversation
Different process to world café
More time for questions to speakers
13. Would you be interested in attending future Community Conversations on other research areas at the Telethon Institute? Yes 26
No 1
Maybe 2