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Table 2 Guidance and management documents for research activities within the Ministries of Health of the ECOWAS member states, 2012

From: The state of the research for health environment in the ministries of health of the Economic Community of the West African States (ECOWAS)

  (No of countries
  out of fourteen)
Existence of political and strategic documents  
Existence of a national health policy 12
Existence of a strategic plan for health development 12
Is research taken into account in the policy documents and strategic plans 13
Existence of any policy and strategic documents for research development 8
Existence of any document on research priorities 7
Ethics Committee on Research for Health  
Existence of a National Ethics Committee on Research 12
Is the National Ethics Committee on health research functional 12
Were members of the National Ethics Committee on health research trained 8
Existence of any ethics training framework (workshops, courses, etc.) in the country 7
Mobilization of funds  
Existence of a budget line for the financing of research 5
Existence of any document on resource mobilization for research 0
Is there a national approach to the implementation of the recommendations of the commitment made by the Health Ministers to allocate 2% of the national health budget and 5% of health projects and programs to research 5
Existence of a research coordinating structure within the MoH 8
Existence of a consultation framework for stakeholders in health research 6
Monitoring and Evaluation  
Existence of mechanism to synthesize and share research results in the country 6
Existence of a structure that summarizes research findings for policy making 4
Existence of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for health research 3
Existence of indicators for the monitoring and evaluation in use for health research in the country 3
Existence of program on information management for health research in your country 2
Existence of any monitoring and evaluation reports 2
Capacity Building  
Existence of training grants for researchers 2
Existence of short-term/postgraduate courses in the country for researchers 3
Existence of any operational research course for the staff in the MoH 5
Existence of any course on ethics in the country 7