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Table 5 Countries with national priorities

From: National research for health systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: moving towards the right direction?

Country National priorities Year Lead institution
Argentina Yes 2012 Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science and Technology
Brazil Yes 2011 Ministry of Health
Costa Rica Yes NA Ministry of Health
Dominican Republic No   
Ecuador Yes NA Ministry of Health
Guatemala Yes 2013 Ministry of Health
Honduras No   
Mexico No   
Panama No   
Paraguay Yes 2008 Ministry of Health
Peru Yes 2009 National Institute of Health
Uruguay No   
Caribbean Region Yes 2010 Caribbean Health Research Council
  1. Leading institutions were mainly MoHs. In Peru, it was lead by the National Institute of Health, which reports to the MoH. In Argentina, both the MoH and the Ministry of Science and Technology, have developed priorities for research for health. In the Caribbean, it was coordinated by the CHRC [2935].