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Table 2 Participating knowledge translation platforms (KTPs) and their host institution

From: Capturing lessons learned from evidence-to-policy initiatives through structured reflection

Participating KTPs KTP affiliates interviewed in the structured reflection Host institution
KTP leaders Policymakers and stakeholders
Evidence to Policy (E2P) Argentina 1 - Non-governmental organization (NGO)
E2P Bangladesh 1 - Private research institution
E2P Nigeria 3 11 University
EVIPNet Burkina Faso 2 5 Ministry of Health (MOH)
EVIPNet Cameroon 2 1 Hospital
EVIPNet Central African Republic 2 - University
EVIPNet Ethiopia 4 - MOH
Regional East African Community Health Uganda 4 - University
Sudan KTP 1 - MOH
Zambia Forum for Health Research 3 - NGO