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Table 3 Subsystem 3 variables and assumptions

From: Advancing the application of systems thinking in health: why cure crowds out prevention

Equilibrium parameters Variable type Initial value Notes and assumptions
Doctor power State 1,000 Doctor’s lobbying power at equilibrium; equals PCW power at equilibrium
Doctor spending on lobbying Rate 0 Doctor power × Proportion on lobbying
Proportion on lobbying of doctors Auxiliary 0.125 Doctors spent 12.5% of their resources on lobbying
Doctor spending on patient services Rate 0 Doctor power × (1–Proportion on lobbying of doctors)
PCW power State 1,000 PCW’s lobbying power at equilibrium; PCWs and doctors start with the same level of power
PCW spending on lobbying Rate 0 PCW power × Proportion on lobbying of PCWs
Proportion on lobbying of PCWs Auxiliary 0.5 PCWs spend 50% of their resources on lobbying
PCWs spending on prevention of disease B Rate 0 PCW power × (1-Proportion on lobbying of PCWs)