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Table 4 Type of impacts by impact score group (n = 19)

From: Does health intervention research have real world policy and practice impacts: testing a new impact assessment tool

Impact category Number impacts by impact category and impact score Example Total number impacts
High impact studies,* Medium impact studies,* Low impact studies,*
n = 6 n = 7 n = 6
Policy and practice impacts Policy changes 3 0 1 A school-based parent education program to promote adolescent health influenced the 2011 change to the Victorian Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (secondary supply) 4
Organizational change 1 0 0 An intervention targeting the year before and after birth in Aboriginal children in remote areas led to improvements in continuity of care between the hospital system and remote community care 1
Commercial product or service 1 0 0 The license for a parenting program that was shown to be effective for Indigenous Families was sold to a province in Canada where it is still in operation and has been formally evaluated 1
Service changes 4 3 2 An intervention to provide more effective communication to improve participation in bowel cancer screening led to an advanced notification letter being included in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in Australia. An advanced notification letter has been adopted by at least four other countries around the world 9
Clinical practice changes 1 4 1 An intervention to retain the neck muscles of neck pain patients had led to changes to clinical practice 6
Total number policy & practice impacts reported 21*
Translational outputs Professional training (e.g., College of Practitioners) 2 5 2 A professional development training program based on an intervention to slow progression of knee osteoarthritis was developed and delivered through peak practitioner bodies 9
  Professionally endorsed documentation (guidelines, manuals) 3 3 1 The findings from a school-based parent education program to promote adolescent health have been included in 2009 Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol 7
Intervention resources (websites, lay publications, training manuals) 2 1 2 A protocol for the non-invasive management of tooth decay in private practice was endorsed for implementation at the international level by leaders in the field 5
Total number translational outputs reported 21*
  1. *Each study may have had impacts within more than one impact category (e.g., policy change and clinical practice change, as well as professionally endorsed documentation).