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Table 1 Variable definitions and descriptive statistics

From: A contingent valuation study to estimate the parental willingness-to-pay for childhood diarrhoea and gender bias among rural households in India

Variable Definition Mean (S.D.A)
LINC Log of monthly household income (Indian Rs.) 2,860 (0.522)
M_EDU Years of mother's education 2.35 (1.078)
F_EDU Years of father's education 3.70 (2.166)
MAGE Mother's age 29.45 (3.989)
FAGE Father's age 34.31 (3.778)
GEN Gender of the child (male/female) 178 (Male); 146 (Female)
C_MALE Dummy = 1 if child is male 0.549
C_AGE Child's age 5.82 (Male); 5.54 (Female)
C_DUR Duration of the last diarrhoeal episode 2.351 (6.878)
C_DOC Dummy = 1 if child went to see a doctor 0.732
C_SCHL No. of child's lost school days 0.665
F_WORK No. of father's lost working days 0.448
F_CHRONIC Dummy = 1 if father has a chronic disease 0.077
M_CHRONIC Dummy = 1 if mother has a chronic disease 0.113
C_CHRONIC Dummy = 1 if child has a chronic disease 0.166
VILL Dummy = 1 if respondent resides in village 1 0.633
  1. a S.D. values for dummy variables are omitted since they can be calculated from √(m-m2), where m is the fraction in the sample.