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Table 3 Example of an AMREF research study listed in its extensive bibliography

From: The role of NGOs in global health research for development

In 1995, D'Allessandro et al[32]published a study which compared the efficacy of insecticide-treated and untreated bednets in preventing malaria in children living in the Gambia. The survey included 2300 children between the ages of 1 and 4 years; 1500 from villages who had received insecticide-treated bednets within their primary health care and 800 from villages which had not received treated bednets. It was found that the greatest benefit, in terms of reduced malaria morbidity, was observed in children who slept regularly under treated bednets. Measurable benefits were also accrued in children who slept regularly under untreated bednets, compared to children who did not use bednets at all. The conclusion of this study was that educational campaigns might well promote even the use of untreated nets because of the additional health benefits, while ultimately aiming at coverage with insecticide-treated bednets.