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Table 3 Six country research projects – the four evidence-policy considerations

From: Exploring evidence-policy linkages in health research plans: A case study from six countries

Country Health System Research Project C1:Development Context C2:Research Characteristics C3:Decision Making Processes C4:Stakeholder Engagement
Bangladesh Informal Health Care Systems in Rural Areas Rural poor depend on informal health sector Research action focused Local decision maker perspectives included Local stakeholders analyzed
India District Level Health Systems Development Explores health shocks and thus poor focused Research on practical aspects of decentralization Decision maker driven Powerful stakeholders engaged
China Rural New Cooperative Medical Scheme Focus on health of the rural poor Research on finance & quality of care Involves national & local decision makers Stakeholders engaged throughout research
Afghanistan Influences in Maternal Health Care Seeking Use of poverty frameworks within research Research on health seeking inhibitors and enablers National & international priority Beneficiary focused research
Uganda Access, Cost, Volume, & Quality of Facilities Poverty-health connections explored Operational research focus Private sector is decision maker priority Stakeholder workshops planned
Nigeria Effective Malaria Treatment for the Poor Poverty-malaria linkages explored Current drug suppliers considered Malaria is decision maker priority Non-intuitive stakeholders included
  1. C = Consideration