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Table 1 Treatment seeking behaviour before diagnosis with TB

From: Public and/or private health care: Tuberculosis patients' perspectives in Myanmar

Order Domain and strategy Purpose and action
1 Home treatment Trial with home remedies and herbs
2 Self-medication Use of western and traditional medicines from over-the-counter stores
3 Sought advice from friends and relatives Advice from friends and relatives influenced treatment seeking patterns and choice of treatment centre. Old TB cases provide advice informally to new TB cases
4 Seeking treatment from GPs as first formal source All patients first sought care at GP clinics
5 Shopping around treatment centres Some patients opted to see different GPs and specialist clinics when symptoms did not subside. Some patients sought care at more than one treatment centre.
6 Seeking care from public health service Patients went to public health service when their symptoms did not improved after seeing many GPs or when they suspected themselves of contracting TB