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Table 5 Example: Attaching monetary values to resource consequences. The following data sources were used to estimate the monetary value of differences in resource use between a programme of outreach visits (targeted at all general practitioners in Norway) and no programme (the status quo) [27]. (See also Tables 1, 3 and 4.)

From: SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed health Policymaking (STP) 12: Finding and using research evidence about resource use and costs

Variable Data sources for monetary values
Development of software Invoices, salary payments
Training of outreach visitors Salary payments
Printed materials Invoice
Travel Travel invoices
Pharmacists' time Salary payments
Administrative time Salary payments, standard estimates for overheads, office rental figures
Physicians' time Standard tariff for interdisciplinary meetings
Technical support Invoices
Drug expenditure "Felleskatalogen 2003" (a Norwegian list of drugs and prices)
Patient visits Standard tariff for consultation
Laboratory test (potassium) Standard tariff