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Table 2 Groups of domains according to their potential effects on health, cost, feasibility and health policy.

From: Prioritization strategies in clinical practice guidelines development: a pilot study

Type I
Criteria with potential effects on health
Disease Burden
  Adverse Events
  Health Promotion
Type II
Criteria with potential effects on cost and feasibility
Feasibility on development and implementation
  Economic impact on health system
Type III
Additional aspects relevant for health policy
Information needs within the health sector
  Other social effects/equity
  User preferences
  Clinical practice variation
  1. Classification of domain for the weighting strategies: A: Disease Burden; B: Information needs in the Health Sector; C: Effectiveness; D: Adverse events; E: Feasibility on development and implementation; F: Economic impact on the health system; G: Other social effects/Equity; H: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; I: User Preferences; J: Clinical Practice Variation