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Table 3 Timeline of main events in the development of DV policy and the establishment of OSCCs

From: One stop crisis centres: A policy analysis of the Malaysian response to intimate partner violence

1985 Creation of Joint Action Group against violence against women (JAG) to lobby for a law against domestic violence
1991 JAG presented a Bill on DV to Government
1993 National seminar on "Interagency Management of battered women" held in Kuala Lumpur
1994 Adoption of the DV Bill
1994 First Pilot OSCC in the A&E of the Hospital Kuala Lumpur
1996 DV Bill enacted as a criminal legislation
1996 OSCC protocol was fully adopted at HKL
  Creation of a second OSCC in Penang
  Ministry of Health (MOH) circular on the creation of OSCC at all public hospitals
Late 90's NGOs in Kuala Lumpur withdrew from OSCC in Kuala Lumpur
2004 MOH official letter to all hospitals to collect information about OSCC
  1. DV: domestic violence; HKL: Hospital Kuala Lumpur