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Table 1 Data items about each trial that are displayed on the Australian Cancer Trials website

From: Consumer input into research: the Australian Cancer Trials website

  Data items
1. Public title
2. Recruitment status
3. Phase of trial
4. Cancer stage*
5. Lay summary written by a medical writer*
6. Description of the study
7. Target sample size
8. Primary outcome
9. Secondary outcomes
10. Side effects
11. Inclusion criteria (includes age, gender, health volunteers)
12. Exclusion criteria
13. Recruitment dates
14. Cost and time commitments*
15. Location of trial*
16. Ethics approval
17. Contacts for public and research queries
18. Trial sponsor(s)
19. Funding source(s)
  1. *Displayed if a registrant of a cancer trial on the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry completes the additional cancer items (Table 2).