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Table 5 Summary of the Australian Cancer Trials website's features informed by consumer-input

From: Consumer input into research: the Australian Cancer Trials website

1. A single portal of cancer clinical trials recruiting in Australia
2. Design and features of the simple and advanced search pages
3. Information displayed about each clinical trial including:
     a. Essential items to be used from clinical trial registries (Table 1)
     b. "Additional cancer items" (Table 2)
4. Assistance by a medical writer to write a lay summary about each trial
5. Types of cancer clinical trials included: all trial phases, both open and closed trials
6. Information in the "About Clinical Trials" section
7. Glossary
8. Question prompt lists (see Footnote 1 and Table 3)
9. Website design: easy to read, simple language (reading age of approximately 14 years), clear format, minimal colour, easy to navigate, quick to load