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Table 2 Projects financed and amount invested by the Ministry of Health and partners according to type of call for proposals or mode of selection, Brazil, 2004-2009.

From: Fulfillment of the Brazilian Agenda of Priorities in Health Research

Description Type of call for proposals or mode of selection
  Decentralized calls (PPSUS) National calls for proposals Direct contract of strategic projects TOTAL
Number of calls for proposals (n) 77 58 77 212
Number of projects financed (n) 1,775 1,705 106 3,586
Resource invested (U$) 75 million 297 million 47 million 419 million
Resource/project invested (U$) 42 thousand 174 thousand 443 thousand 117 thousand
  1. Source: data summaries were calculated by the authors based on information taken from: and, captured on Jan 21, 2011.