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Table 1 Research Projects Included in Study

From: What research impacts do Australian primary health care researchers expect and achieve?

Project Name Last Year of Funding Funding Source Amount
A rapid literature summary service to enhance evidence-based clinical decision in general practice* 2000 GPEP $109, 000 C
Program of resource, information and support for mothers: a community randomised trial* 2001 NHMRC $549, 000 C
Shared care for serious mental illness: caring for carers 2003 GPEP $93, 000 C
Randomised controlled trial of physiotherapy injections, saline injections and exercises in the treatment of chronic low back pain* 2003 GPEP $99, 000 C
The evidence-based consumer: making informed decisions about menopause, hormone replacement and complementary therapies* 2004 PHCRED $97, 000 C
Cognitive screening in General Practice* 2005 NHMRC $300, 000 C
Threats to patient safety in general practice: Investigating errors in Australian primary healthcare* 2005 NHMRC $80, 000 I
A randomised controlled trial of physiotherapy and corticosteroid injections of lateral epicondylagia in primary care* 2005 NHMRC $190, 000 C
Audit and Best Practice in Chronic Disease* 2005 AHMRC CRCAH $747, 403 C
A randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for prenatal screening and diagnosis* 2005 NHMRC $269, 000 C
Screening for chlamydia trachomatis with routine Pap smears in general practice: A randomised controlled trial* 2005 NHMRC $350, 000 C
Systematic practice-based asthma care in the Australian Setting* 2006 NHMRC $563, 000 C
Disclosure and attitudes to lesbians: Outcomes in General Practice (DIALOG) 2006 NHMRC $426, 000 I
Doctors, their patients and computers: The new medical consultation - a study of the impact of computerisation 2006 NHMRC $103, 000 I
Learning from Action* 2006 CRCAH $244, 214 C
Impact of socioeconomic disadvantage on chronic disease management in primary care: A diabetes case study 2006 NHMRC $258, 000 C
Urban locational disadvantage and health: compositional and contextual determinants 2006 NHMRC
$608, 000 C
  1. AHMRC = Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council
  2. CRCAH = Cooperative Research Council for Aboriginal Health
  3. GPEP = General Practice Evaluation Program
  4. NHMRC = National Health and Medical Research Council
  5. * Intervention Study, no star indicates descriptive study
  6. C = Complete at time of survey
  7. I = Incomplete but results available at time of survey