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Table 3 Some of the stakeholders meetings with male circumcision on the agenda

From: Introduction of male circumcision for HIV prevention in Uganda: analysis of the policy process

Conference/Meeting Organizer/Funder Date (location)
  National Level  
Meeting the Demand for Male Circumcision Forum for Collaborative HIV Research in collaboration with the bill and Melinda gates foundation, WHO, and UNAIDS 13–14/Mar/2008, (Kampala, Uganda)
National stakeholders’ meeting on safe male circumcision organized by Family Health International (FHI) FHI and African Medical and Research Foundation 8/Dec/2007, (Kampala, Uganda)
HIV/AIDS Implementers’ Meeting Hosted by Government of Uganda and sponsored by United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, UNAIDS, the World Bank and WHO 3–7/Jun/ 2008 (Kampala, Uganda)
  International Level  
Consultation Modelling the Impact of Male Circumcision on HIV Transmission UNAIDS and WHO 17–18/ Nov/2005, (Geneva)
Male circumcision: current epidemiological and field evidence; program and policy implications for HIV prevention and reproductive health United States Agency for International Development September 18, 2002, (Washington, DC)
Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) CROI Feb/2006 (Denver, United States)
Regional Consultation on Safe Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention UN Regional Working Group on Male Circumcision 20–21/Nov/2006 (Nairobi, Kenya)
Meeting on strategies and approaches for male circumcisionprogramming WHO 5–6 /Dec/ 2006, (Geneva)
Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention: Operations Research Implications. An International Consultation WHO 21–22 June 2007, (Nairobi, Kenya)
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