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Table 1 Assessment questions on coherence and alignment with the Special Programme of Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)

From: Building coherence and synergy among global health initiatives

Overall objectives
 Mandate Is the mandate of the GHI compatible with TDR’s mandate?
 Principles/values Are the guiding principles/values compatible with TDR?
 Priorities Are the priorities relevant for TDR and/or reflect trending priorities in global health, such as system approaches, preventions, universal health coverage and sustainable development goals?
 Nature/scope of membership Do the nature and scope of membership conflict with TDR’s interests? Does the GHI operate through partnerships and networks?
 Inclusiveness Is there a balanced representation between high- and low/middle-income countries?
 Disease and technologies Is the diseases and technology profile/portfolio compatible with TDR’s current portfolio and possible expansion?
 Beneficiary geographical area Are the beneficiaries of support compatible with TDR’s focus?
 Beneficiary eligibility To what extent would the beneficiaries reinforce/expand the current scope of TDR?
 Harmonization Are there attempts to harmonize process and activities with partners?
 Decision-making (policy and strategy) Is the policy and strategy decision-making process consistent with TDR’s principles?
 Prioritization (programme level) Is the decision-making process at the programmatic level consistent with TDR?
 Decision-making for grants Is the decision-making process at the project level consistent with TDR?
 Business model Is there any aspect of the business model that could restrict TDR from engaging?
 Type of support Do the funding mechanisms conflict with TDR? Can the funding mechanisms add value to TDR?
Areas of work
 Capacity building Would the range of capacity building activities add a value to TDR’s current approaches? If so, what kind of added value?
 Knowledge management Would the range of knowledge management add a value to TDR’s current approaches? If so, what kind of added value?
 Translational research Is the research and funding covering translational research? And if so, any evidence of success?
Funding and outlook
 Global Health Initiative (GHI) outreach Would engagement with the GHI add another value for strengthening TDR’s influence in global health (e.g. agenda setting, networking, etc.)?
 Funding Would the engagement with the GHI offer the prospect of additional funding for TDR?
 Business trend Is there a risk for TDR to engage with the GHI? (e.g. sustainability, reputation costs)?