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Table 4 Answers to the question: “Which of these activities do you think would be good to include in the Alumni group. Please rank in order of importance with 1 being the most important.” (n = 26 respondents)

From: Mobilising the alumni of a Master of Public Health degree to build research and development capacity in low- and middle-income settings: The Peoples-uni

Option (in order of the question) Overall rank achieved by each option
Adding resources for further study 1
Starting new courses for further study 5
Developing collaborative research for the group as a whole 2
Developing collaborative research between just a few members 6
Developing collaborative research with Peoples-uni tutors 3
Discussions on teaching methods 7
Development of collaborative teaching programmes 8
Identifying individual mentors for each of the alumni 9
Identifying mentors for groups of alumni 10
Helping to get onto a PhD programme 4
A ‘Helpdesk’ by Peoples-uni tutors or others for advice 11