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Table 1 Rules regulating research ethics committees (RECs) and their work in clinical research, Finland compared to England, Canada (Ontario), and the USA, around 2010

From: Research ethics committees in the regulation of clinical research: comparison of Finland to England, Canada, and the United States

  Finland England Canada USA
Type of research handled Medical Within NHS; specific typesa Human and health care Human and health care
Specific research law Yes, medical research No No Yes, general
Main basis Law Health Ministry rules Requirements from national grant agency Government rules
Special law for drug trials EU clinical trials directive, national laws EU clinical trials directive, national laws Drug and devices law Drug, devices and food law
Leading document No single No single Tri-Council statementb Common rule
Helsinki declaration Separate document Separate document Some parts integrated in leading document Some parts integrated in leading document
International Committee on Harmonization (drug trials) Good Clinical Practice guidelines Separate document for drug trials Integrated to rules Integrated in leading document Integrated in leading document
  1. aRegardless of place, a certain type of research, such as investigational drugs and devices, adults lacking capacity to consent, exposure to ionizing radiation.
  2. bTri-Council statements, tri-council policy statement: ethical conduct for research involving humans.