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Table 2 Members and processes of research ethics committees (RECs), Finland compared to England, Canada (Ontario), and the USA, around 2010

From: Research ethics committees in the regulation of clinical research: comparison of Finland to England, Canada, and the United States

  Finland England Canada USAa
REC members     
Expertise Specified some expertise “Many-sided” Specified some expertise “Many-sided”
Lay-members, at least Two One third One One
Voluntary Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Varied, remunerations No, locum costs covered Varied, chairpersons usually paid Varied, members usually modestly
Multi-centre project One committee One committee Usually several Various options, usually several
Time-limit for decisions 3 months for drug trials 2 months for drug trials No No
Proportionate review Not explicitly Yes, leading principle Yes Yes, leading principle
Help researchers in submission Most RECs Yes Yes Yes
Application formalities Also members Secretariat mainly Secretariat mainly Secretariat mainly
  1. aPrivate RECs different.