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Table 2 Staff capacity need for HPSR+A

From: Health policy and systems research and analysis in Nigeria: examining health policymakers’ and researchers’ capacity assets, needs and perspectives in south-east Nigeria

Capacity areas/skills for HPSR+A Proportion of staff requiring additional training (n = 123), n (%)
HPSR+A technical skills and conceptual underpinnings,  
 e.g. what is HPSR+A and what constitutes HPSR+A approaches to research and teaching 101 (82.0)
HPSR+A research and writing  
 Writing research methodologies 84 (68.0)
 Writing briefing notes for politicians, policymakers, external funders and donors  
80 (65.0)
 Writing papers for academic journals 78 (63.0)
Management and administration  
 Leadership 92 (75.0)
 Effective networking 94 (76.0)
Financial and information management  
 Identifying and applying for external funding sources 95 (77.0)
 Creating and managing effective and efficient financial reporting systems 91 (74.0)
 Creating and managing effective internal information systems 101 (82.0)