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Table 1 Systematic reviews (themes, titles, total hits and included studies) from the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services (2012)

From: Evidence-based medicine – an appropriate tool for evidence-based health policy? A case study from Norway

Theme Number Titles of reports Initial records Included studies
Screening/Diagnosis   None   
Treatment/Medication/Vaccination 18-2012 Psychological treatments for non-specific pain 4,300 6 SR
17-2012 Effect of multidisciplinary, team-based rehabilitation, including education, in rheumatoid arthritis 1,441 11
13-2012 Effect of long-term mechanical ventilation (LTMV) part 1 – neuromuscular disease or central respiratory failure 5,442 34 (1 SR, 3 RCT)
14-2012 Effects of LTMV part 2 – thoracic restrictive disorders or obesity hypoventilatory syndrome 6,978 33 (2 RCT)
02-2012 The effects of sexual therapy interventions for sexual problems 2,805 43 (9 SR, 34 RCT)
Prevention/Psychosocial interventions 12-2012 Effects of organised follow-up of behaviour that may increase risk of disease in adults 10,188 23
08-2012 Effect of interventions to ease transitions for children and adolescents with disabilities 263 3 SR
07-2012 The effectiveness of primary interventions to prevent the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs among children and adolescents 4,518 10 SR
06-2012 The effectiveness of health promotion and preventive interventions on nutrition, physical activity, obesity, and sexual health in children and adolescents 4,518 6 SR
10-2012 Effects of support and follow-up interventions for people with severe mental illness 2,674 17 SR
03-2012 Interventions for tobacco control in low- and middle-income countries: evidence from randomised and quasi-randomised studies 2,806 45 (26 RCT)
Initiatives within health and social services 05-2012 Effects of organisational interventions for mental health services 4,258 17 SR
01-2012 List size and quality of care among general practitioners within the Regular General Practitioner Scheme 3,806 0/91a
09-2012 Interventions for reducing seclusion and restraint in mental health for adults 3,361 12
  1. a No effect studies, 91 observational studies
  2. SR, Systematic reviews; RCT, Randomized controlled trials