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Table 2 Differences in perspectives among actors, by phase and consequences

From: Implementing a national health research for development platform in a low-income country – a review of Malawi’s Health Research Capacity Strengthening Initiative

(a) Among all key actors
Phase Difference Consequences
Start-up Location of coordinating health research capacity strengthening within government versus outside and within health versus science & technology versus education Jockeying for location, delays in directorship
Implementation Grant calls and processes improved over time versus remained non-transparent and halting in process Frustrations and delays in implementation
Implementation Ethics review committees functioning and providing independent review versus compromised with conflicted members and acting as resource generator for institutions Resentments and labelling of committees as obstacles
(b)Among subsets of actors
Phase Differences Actors concerned Consequences
Start-up, reorganization and implementation National politics versus international funder decision-making control Funders, research governors and users Stalemates on approvals
Start-up, reorganization Fiscal mismanagement versus civil service obstacles versus consultants not keeping an eye on the ball Research producers – institutions, researchers, trainees Delays in funding flows
Implementation Extended involvement of other institutions in networks versus competition dominated by those already capable Research producers – institutions, researchers Some institutions are keen but not funded, areas remain underdeveloped, broader research culture slower to develop
Implementation Institutional levies on awards and grants unfair disincentive versus need to fund research management within institutions which primarily rely on student teaching income Research producers – institutions, researchers Some researchers take funds to organizations outside academy
Implementation Researchers not performing sufficient mentorship and training roles versus hard to find time for research with existing teaching loads Research producers – institutions, trainees Interns and trainees not receiving adequate mentorship