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Table 2 Breakdown of estimated costs for United Kingdom Health Research Analysis reporting

From: United Kingdom health research analyses and the benefits of shared data

Report No. of Awards Dedicated Staff Dedicated Costs (staff, contract coding, etc.) Internal Funder Estimates (Cost) Approximate Report Cost Total Total Cost per Award
2004/2005 9900 4 £185,600 £6100 £191,700 £19.36
2009/2010 11,500 0 £54,200 £32,500 £86,700 £7.54
2014 17,000 0.5 £42,000 £39,000 £81,000 £4.75
  1. These estimations are based on the known variables/costs including contract coder expenses, dedicated salaries and report design costs. Where costs are not easily quantified, primarily internal staff time used, we provide estimates based on time for coding (~12 mins per award) required, portfolio extraction time for each participating funder and time requirements for report construction (data collection and cleaning, analysis and report writing/publication). See Supplementary Methods for further details. The 2004/2005 & 2009/2010 costs are extrapolated from original spend estimates using GDP deflator data as of December 2014. See the United Kingdom Health Research Analysis 2014 main report for more details