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Table 3 General view of the external reviewers on the strengths and weaknesses of the guideline

From: Developing clinical practice guidelines for caries prevention and management for pre-school children through the ADAPTE process and Delphi consensus

No. Statement about the view on the guideline Median score Percentage of score at 4–5
1 The rationale for developing a guideline, as stated in the ‘1. Introduction’ section of the draft guideline report, is clear 4 73.2
2 There is a need for a guideline of this topic 4 82.9
3 The literature search is relevant and complete in this draft guideline (i.e. no key trials were missed nor any included that should not have been) 4 61
4 I agree with the methodology used to summarize the evidence included in this draft guideline 4 63.4
5 The draft recommendations in this report are clear 4 73.2
6 I agree with the draft recommendations as stated 4 68.3
7 The draft recommendations are suitable for the pre-school children 4 70.7
8 The draft recommendations are too rigid to apply to individual patients 3 36.6
9 When applied, the draft recommendations will produce more benefits for patients than harms 4 90.2
10 The draft guideline report presents options that will be acceptable to patients 4 68.3
11 To apply the draft recommendations will require reorganization of services/care in my practice setting 4 58.5
12 To apply the draft recommendations will be technically challenging 3 26.8
13 The draft recommendations are too expensive to apply 3 31.7
14 The draft recommendations are likely to be supported by a majority of my colleagues 3 34.1
15 If I follow the draft recommendations, the expected effects on patient outcomes will be obvious 3 39
16 The draft recommendations are the same as the current usual practice 3 43.9
17 The draft recommendations reflect a more effective approach for improving patient outcomes than is current usual practice 3 41.5
18 When applied, the draft recommendations will result in better use of resources than current usual practice 3 26.8
19 I would feel comfortable if my patients received the care recommended in the draft guideline 4 70.7
20 The draft guideline should be approved as a practice guideline 4 61
21 If this draft guideline were to be approved, I would make use of it in my own practice 4 63.4
22 If this draft guideline were to be approved, I would apply the recommendations to my practice 4 68.3
  1. Statements were rated on a 5-point Likert scale (1 = strongly disagree; 2 = disagree; 3 = neutral; 4 = agree; 5 = strongly agree)