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Table 3 Results of participant evaluations (response rate: 91% (31/34))

From: The use of a policy dialogue to facilitate evidence-informed policy development for improved access to care: the case of the Winnipeg Central Intake Service (WCIS)

Question Agreed or Strongly agreed (n = 26–31)
Background knowledge/presentations
 Presentations provided me with the background knowledge and understanding to contribute to the meeting 90%
Meeting objectives
 Meeting objectives were met 97%
 I understood the material presented 94%
 The meeting was valuable to attend 93%
 My voice was heard when discussing the policy directions 87%
 The policy directions presented reflect the relevant policy considerations for centralised intake 97%
Meeting experience
 The meeting brought together relevant stakeholders 97%
 I had the opportunity to share ideas and issues 93%
 The meeting was relevant to me or my work 97%
 I made at least one new contact 90%
 I plan to act or share learning from the meeting with a colleague not involved with the meeting 83%