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Table 1 Summary of Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) projects that Research theme/Working group leads indicated had potential impacts on patient care at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH)

From: Does a biomedical research centre affect patient care in local hospitals?

BRC Research theme/Working group Oxford BRC projects with potential impact on patient care Potential impact on patient care at OUH
Biomedical Informatics and Technology Gestational diabetes smartphone application Processes and/or service organisation
New alerting score based on patients’ vital signs (CALMS-3 Study – Computer Alerting Monitoring System) Processes and/or service organisation
Maintenance of database of samples and consent management for Oxford Biobank Processes and/or service organisation
System for Electronic Notes Documentation (SEND) project (electronic track and trigger and patient alerting) Processes and/or service organisation
Blood Training and hiring staff and improving infrastructure for clinical programme to do stem cell transplants and run more clinical trials in this area Treatments
Cancer Multi-gene testing service with rapid (1 week) turnaround Diagnostics, testing, screening
BRC-funded clinical research posts specialising in sarcoma, gynaecological cancers and melanoma Staffing for specialist services
Cardiovascular MRI diagnostic tools for patients with intermittent angina Diagnostics, testing, screening
Clinical Informatics Upgrade for cancer informatics in OUH (enabled by Genomic Medicine Centre (GMC) designation) Diagnostics, testing, screening
Molecular diagnostics and genome sequencing services (enabled by GMC designation) Diagnostics, testing, screening
Development of integrated logical record for each cancer patient (in progress) Processes and/or service organisation
True colours technology for mental health patients across Oxfordshire to aid self-management Processes and/or service organisation
Streamlining management of notes/records from multidisciplinary cancer meetings (in progress) Processes and/or service organisation
Clinical decision support dialogue to make blood orders more efficient Processes and/or service organisation
Dementia and Cerebrovascular Disease New screening process for acute confusion in medical admissions Diagnostics, testing, screening
Fast track carotid surgery Treatments
Telemetric home blood pressure monitoring Processes and/or service organisation
The first transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and minor stroke clinic in the United Kingdom Processes and/or service organisation
Diabetes Diagnostic programme to identify patients with a genetic basis for their diabetes Diagnostics, testing, screening
Pancreatic islet extraction unit Treatments
Pancreatic transplants Treatments
Functional Neuroscience and Imaging Imaging protocols (epilepsy) Diagnostics, testing, screening
Functional neurosurgery team (part of the BRC) provides a clinical service, including pain deep brain stimulation Treatments
Specialist clinic in epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, supported by BRC-funded research fellows Staffing for specialist services
Genomic Medicine Targeted next generation sequencing Diagnostics, testing, screening
Whole exome or whole genome sequencing Diagnostics, testing, screening
Immunology and Inflammation Non-invasive tests for liver disease Diagnostics, testing, screening
Patient stratification for biologic therapies Diagnostics, testing, screening
Tests to diagnose encephalitis (brain inflammation) Diagnostics, testing, screening
Trials on treatment of inflammation in eczema Treatments
Infection Work linking care to outcomes with big data approaches Processes and/or service organisation
Genomic testing to support infection monitoring (provided informally) Processes and/or service organisation
Molecular Diagnostics Oxford designated as GMC for Genomics England’s 100,000 Genomes Project Diagnostics, testing, screening
Multi-gene testing for cancer patients Diagnostics, testing, screening
Diagnostic tests for children with rare blood conditions Diagnostics, testing, screening
Response prediction in leukaemia Diagnostics, testing, screening
Prevention and Population Care The first TIA and minor stroke clinic in the United Kingdom Processes and/or service organisation
Surgical Innovation and Evaluation Chemotherapy (device targeted therapy): liposomes developed to carry the treatment to the organ of interest Treatments
Image-guided surgery using fluorescents Treatments
Organ transplantation/reconditioning Treatments
Restoring vision through an electronic implant Treatments
Restoring vision through gene therapy Treatments
Training and Education No projects identified  
Translational Physiology No projects identified  
Vaccines Respiratory syncytial virus, trialling a new vaccine Treatments (national)
Meningitis, looking at trials of schedules for baby vaccines, booster doses, meningitis B vaccine trials Processes and/or service organisation (national)
Multiple research themes/Working groups Better infrastructure for clinical trials and other studies (e.g. better pharmacovigilance, biobanking) Processes and/or service organisation