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Table 1 List of projects and associated websites

From: Is there enough research output of EU projects available to assess and improve health system performance? An attempt to understand and categorise the output of EU projects conducted between 2002 and 2012

Project Website (as of December 2016)
B.I.R.O. (started in 2005)
(Building a Shared European Diabetes Information System)
COMPARE (initiated in 2006) No project website available
De-Plan (2005–2008)
(Diabetes in Europe – Prevention using Lifestyle, Physical Activity and Nutritional intervention)
DUQuE (2009–2014)
(Deepening our understanding of quality improvement in Europe)
ECHIM (2009–2012)
(European Community Health Indicators and Monitoring)
ECHO (2010–2013)
(European Collaboration for Health Optimization Project)
ECRHS III (ongoing project initiated in 2010)
(European Community Respiratory Health Survey III)
EPIC (initiated in 1992)
(European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition)
EPIC-CVD (2012–2015)
(Individualized CVD risk assessment across Europe)
EPIC-Elderly (2002–2005)
(The role of diet on the longevity of elderly Europeans)
EPSILON (1996–2000)
(A study of care for people with schizophrenia in five European centres)
No project website available
EROS (2002–2005)
(The use of stroke registers to assess the quality of stroke management across Europe)
No project website available
ESAW (2002–2004)
(European Study of Adult Well-Being)
No official project website available, only a German one:
EUBIROD (started in 2008)
(EUropean Best Information through Regional Outcomes in Diabetes)
EUNICE (2006–2008)
(European Network for Indicators on Cancer)
No project website available
EUPHORIC (2004–2008)
(EU Public Health Outcome Research and Indicators Collection)
No project website available
EUPrimeCare (2010–2012)
(Quality and Cost of Primary Care in Europe)
EurHOBOP (2009–2011)
(European Hospital Benchmarking by Outcomes in Acute Coronary Syndrome Processes)
No project website available
EuroCARE Project (1978–2007)
(European Cancer Registry-based study)
EUROCHIP-3 (2008–2011)
(European Cancer Health Indicator Project)
EUROCISS (2000–2007)
(European Cardiovascular Indicators Surveillance Set)
EuroDRG (2009–2011)
(Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe: towards Efficiency and Quality)
EuroHOPE (2010–2014)
(European Health Care Outcomes, Performance and Efficiency)
EuroTHINE (2004–2007)
(Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe)
Ga2LEN (2004–2009)
(Global Allergy and Asthma European Network)
GBD (2007–2010)
(Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study)
HAEMACARE (2005–2008)
(Cancer Registry Based project on Haematologic malignancies)
Project website not accessible
HALE (2001–2004)
(Healthy Ageing: a Longitudinal study in Europe)
No project website available. Final report available on:
I2SARE (1999–2007)
(Health indicators in the European regions)
ISAAC (initiated in 1991)
(International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood)
JA EHLEIS (2011–2014)
(Advanced research on European health expectancies)
Monica (initiated in the early 1980s)
(Multinational MONItoring of Trends and Determinants in CArdiovascular Disease)
OECD Study (initiated in 2003)
(of Cross-National Differences in the Treatment, Costs and Outcomes of Ischaemic Heart Disease)
No project website available. Information available on:
ONCOPOOL (2002–2004)
(Pooling of European Data to Harmonize Translational Research in Breast Cancer)
No project website available
PDCAAE (2000–2003)
(Prevalence and determinants of childhood asthma and allergies across Europe)
No project website available
QUALICOPC (2010–2013)
(Evaluating primary care in Europe)
RARECARE (2007–2010)
(Surveillance of rare cancers in Europe)
SHARE project (initiated 2004)
(Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe)
WMH Survey Initiative
(World Mental Health)