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Table 1 A general overview of the knowledge translation considerations and processes undertaken by the NoGAPS organisations (NoGAPS: National Guidance for Australian Football Partnerships and Safety)

From: The translation of sports injury prevention and safety promotion knowledge: insights from key intermediary organisations

Theme Considerations Processes
1 Identifying a need for knowledge translation Identification of issues (a) Monitoring of research, (b) Monitoring of sport, (c) Monitoring of media, (d) Government, (e) Collaboration, (f) Organisational goals
2 Developing and disseminating resources Development of resources (a) Commission of research to underpin resources, (b) Commission of the production of resources, (c) In-house development of resources, (d) Updating or review of existing resources
Distribution pathways (a) Direct, (b) Indirect
3 Barriers and enablers to knowledge translation Barriers (a) Format, (b) Framing: Injury prevention, health promotion and/or performance enhancement, (c) No clear strategy, (d) Reach/uptake/impact or justification of resources
Enablers (a) Framing: Injury prevention, health promotion and/or performance enhancement, (b) Awareness raising of injury prevention or safety issues