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Table 3 Selected codes, categories and themes from the data analysis

From: Responding to non-communicable diseases in Zambia: a policy analysis

Codes Categories Themes
• Findings from local studies Presence of evidence Context
• Information from health facility   
• International reports   
• Responding to International resolutions Global health agenda  
• Being part of global community   
• Need for development National vision  
• Stakeholders involvement Policy formulation process Process: Policy development
• Developing the draft policy  
• Policy adoption  
• Political will  
• Lengthy policy development process Challenges in the process  
• Lack of funding stalling the process  
• Influence from political powers   
• Contribution of stakeholder Role of the stakeholders Actors
• Drivers of the agenda Influencers of policy  
• Situation analysis Scope of the NCD policy Content
• Prioritization of NCDs   
• Strategies to tackle NCDs   
• Health education not emphasized Gaps in NCD policies  
• Lack of baseline data   
• Domestication of guidelines