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Table 2 Studies utilising routinely collected data in HIV testing and counselling, prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) and social behavioural change programmes in Zambia

From: Underutilisation of routinely collected data in the HIV programme in Zambia: a review of quantitatively analysed peer-reviewed articles

First author, year of publication Data collection period Sample size Sampled population Outcomes assessed
HIV testing and counselling
 Topp et al. [31] 2008–2011 2239 Adults only CD4 count, haemoglobin level, BMI, education level, partner’s HIV status
 Topp et al. [32] 2008–2010 44,420 Adults only HIV testing, enrolment into care
 Czaicki et al. [33] 2011–2012 10,806 Adult couples Cohabitation length, prior HIV testing, current antiretroviral use
 Kankasa et al. [34] 2006–2007 15,670 Children HIV testing, testing coverage, HIV counselling,
 Killam et al. [35] 2007–2008 13,917 Women initiating ART Women eligible for ART, women initiating ART
 Stringer et al. [36] 2001 17,263 Women only Women tested, mothers and babies receiving NVP
 Stringer et al. [37] 2003 8787 Mother baby pairs Gravidity, offered testing, tested, infant given NVP
 Chibwesha et al. [38] 2007–2010 1813 Mother baby pairs CD4 count, date of highly active ART initiation, infant HIV status
 Liu et al. [39] 2007– 2009 13,888 Women initiating ART CD4 count, haemoglobin level, syphilis, tuberculosis, HIV status
 Chintu et al. [40] 2004–2006 6740 Women on ART Mortality, NVP exposure, CD4 count, haemoglobin level
 Mandala et al. [41] 2007–2008 14,815 Women on ART CD4 count, initiated on ART
 Torpey et al. [20] 2005–2008 9723 Women on ART HIV testing, enrolled to care, received ART
 Chibwesha et al. [42] 2009–2010 18,407 Women initiating ART CD4 count, haemoglobin level, use of contraceptives
 Stringer et al. [43] 2002–2006 243,302 Women and baby pairs HIV status, number testing positive, attended antenatal care
 Mulindwa [44] Not stated 146 Women initiating ART NVP toxicity, hepatic toxicity, WHO grading of toxicity
 Ngoma et al. [45] 2008–2009 279 Women only HIV-free at 12 months, mortality rates, HIV transmission
 Torpey et al. [46] 2007–2010 28,320 Children only HIV testing, type of PMTCT regimen
 Torpey et al. [47] 2007–2009 8237 Children HIV testing, type of PMTCT regimen
 Albrecht et al. [48] 2001–2003 760 Women only PMTCT drug adherence, partner disclosure
Social and behavioural change
 Kankasa et al. [34] 2004–2007 27,115 Adults on ART Adherence, mortality, loss to follow-up, CD4 count
 Goldman et al. [49] 2006–2007 913 Adults on ART Adherence, viral load
 Carlucci et al. [50] 2006 542 Adults on ART Drug adherence
 Birbeck et al. [51] 2005–2006 255 Adults on ART Drug adherence
  1. ART antiretroviral therapy, BMI body mass index, NVP nevirapine