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Table 3 Studies utilising routinely collected data on HIV treatment and retention in care in Zambia

From: Underutilisation of routinely collected data in the HIV programme in Zambia: a review of quantitatively analysed peer-reviewed articles

First author Data collection period Sample size Sampled population Outcomes assessed
Cantrell et al. [52] 2004–2005 636 Adults on ART Adherence to medication, CD4, weight gain
Koethe et al. [53] 2004–2008 27,915 Adults initiating ART Weight gain, death, treatment failure, BMI
Tirivayi et al. [54] 2009 291 Adults on ART Adherence to medication, CD4, BMI
Koethe et al. [55] 2004–2009 56,612 Adults on ART CD4, mortality, BMI
Stringer et al. [56] 2004–2007 14,736 Adults on ART Single dose substitution, CD4 count, haemoglobin level, BMI, mortality
Chi et al. [57] 2007–2010 18,866 Adults initiating ART CD4, clinical disease staging, BMI, serum creatinine adherence, mortality
Chi et al. [58] 2007–2009 10,485 Adults on ART Drug substitution, mortality, loss to follow-up, withdrawal and death
Chi et al. [59] 2004–2008 24,366 Adults on ART CD4 counts, age clinical staging, haemoglobin, tuberculosis co-infection, adherence
Chi et al. [60] 2007 33,704 Adults on ART Cut-off points defining loss to follow-up, sensitivity, specificity, misclassification rate
Giganti et al. [61] 2004–2010 40,410 Adults on ART Haemoglobin level, CD4, ART regimen
Vinikoor et al. [62] 2015 20,308 Adults on ART HBsAg, CD4, BMI, WHO staging
Mulenga et al. [63] 2004–2007 25,779 Adults on ART Mortality, creatinine clearance
Stringer et al. [64] 2004–2005 21,755 Adults initiating ART Clinical staging, CD4, mortality, BMI, haemoglobin level, adherence
Seu et al. [65] 2009–2012 68 Adults failing treatment CD4 count, adherence, HIV drug resistance mutations
Krebs et al. [66] 2005 1343 Adults lost to follow-up CD4 count, BMI, mortality, home visit categories (traced, untraceable, died)
Vinikoor et al. [67] 2004–2010 53,015 Adults missing pharmacy refills CD4 count, clinical staging, pharmacy refills, adherence, ART regimen
Vinikoor et al. [68] 2004–2011 92,130 Adults on ART Adherence, CD4 count, mortality, long-term follow-up
Harris et al. [69] 2005–2007 20,153 Tuberculosis/HIV co-infected adults Enrolment on ART, CD4 count, WHO staging
Mweemba et al. [70] 2011–2013 91,130 Adults initiating ART Hepatitis B co-infection, WHO staging, CD4 count
Deo et al. [71] 2007 13 Laboratories CD4 count, haemoglobin, liver function test
Chi et al. [72] 2004–2006 6740 Women exposed to nevirapine WHO stage, CD4 cell count, status, BMI
Bolton-Moore et al. [73] 2004–2007 4975 Children on ART CD4 percentage, weight-for-age Z scores, clinical staging, haemoglobin level, mortality
Mubiana‐Mbewe et al. [74] 2004–2006 1705 Children enrolled into care CD4 percentage, clinical staging, haemoglobin level
Scott et al. [75] 2006–2011 1334 Children on ART CD4 percentage, fixed and variable unit costs
Kiage et al. [76] 2009–2011 822 Mother-infant pairs WHO staging, CD4/CD8 percentage, HIV, haemoglobin panel, maternal-CD4 count
Sutcliffe et al. [77] 2004–2008 1278 Children on ART Enrolment in ART, loss to follow-up, mortality, clinical staging, CD4 percentage
Iyer et al. [78] 2006–2011 1102 Children initiating ART Age, CD4 percentage, ART initiation, full blood count, blood chemistry
Sutcliffe et al. [79] 2004–2008 863 Children on ART Mortality, CD4, HIV, haemoglobin level
Sutcliffe [80] 2000–2002 492 Children on ART CD4 count, haemoglobin level, mortality
Van Dijk et al. [81] 2007–2012 77 Children on ART Weight-for-age Z scores, CD4 percentage
Van Dijk et al. [82] 2007–2010 198 Children on ART Treatment outcomes, viral load, CD4 percentage, retention in care, mortality
Sutcliffe et al. [83] 2007–2009 193 Children initiating ART Weight-for-age and height-for-age Z scores
Nkamba [84] Not stated 59 Children on ART T cell subsets CD4 and CD8 memory
Van Dijk et al. [85] 2007–2008 192 Children on ART Years of receiving ART, distance from clinic, CD4 percentage, weight-for-age Z score
Sinkala et al. [86] 2005–2006 5609 Adults only Colonoscopy, laparoscopy, culture results
Sheyo [87] 2009–2010 452 Adults and children HIV status, burn history, burn outcome and management
Brugha et al. [88] 2004–2007 39 Health facilities VCT, ART, PMTCT, childhood immunisation service and coverage trends
Kancheya et al. [89] 2003–2006 203 Adults HIV status, VCT
Kaile et al. [90] 2004 18 Adults on ART Blood pressure serum potassium, creatinine and sodium, Karnofsky score, WHO staging
  1. ART antiretroviral therapy, BMI body mass index, PMTCT prevention of mother-to-child transmission, VCT voluntary counselling and testing