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Table 3 Recommendations for funding policies and practices

From: Promoting equitable global health research: a policy analysis of the Canadian funding landscape

Target audiences Recommendations
National policy bodies (e.g. elected government, governmental committees) National GHR networks Develop a national strategic plan for GHR Set benchmarks for dedicated research supports in Canadian investments in global health Promote research on research, including promising practices in GHR
Funding agencies (e.g. CIHR, GCC, IDRC) Model transparency in GHR funding Create consistent GHR-friendly funding structures and policies Invest in communications about funding policies in ways that encourage equity-centred grant seeking and administration at the university level Open funding competitions to LMIC researchers
People involved in teaching, supporting, using, doing or funding GHR Explicitly acknowledge a foundational commitment to equity in the health and well-being of populations, communities and individuals (e.g. guided by the CCGHR Principles for GHR)
  1. CCGHR Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research, GCC Grand Challenges Canada, GHR global health research, IDRC International Development Research Centre, LMIC low- and middle-income countries