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Table 3 Research projects on Zika by institutions involved, study type – objectives and funding

From: Ethical challenges for international collaborative research partnerships in the context of the Zika outbreak in the Dominican Republic: a qualitative case study

Projects Local institutions External institution, country Study type, objectives
Project 1 MoH/DIGEPI/Children’s Hospital University, USA Observational
Project 2 MoH/DIGEPI University, USA Observational
Project 3 Health centre (NGO)/Government Government, USA Vaccine clinical trial Phase II
Project 4 University NGO Doctors of the World/CLACSO Observational qualitative – literature review
Project 5 University NGO Doctors of the World/CLACSO Observational
Project 6 MoH/DIGEPI/Children’s Hospital/USAID NA Descriptive observational – analysis of the microcephaly case registry
Project 7 MoH/Directorate General of Epidemiology NA Observational – neurological damage and learning problems in children of women infected with Zika virus during pregnancy
Project 8 MoH/DIPRES NA Observational, KAP Survey on Zika High–Low Risk Communities
Project 9 Local NGO NA Observational, KAP survey in communities after an intervention
  1. CLACSO Latin American Council Social Sciences, DIGEPI Directorate General of Epidemiology, DIPRES Directorate of Health Promotion and Prevention, KAP knowledge attitudes and practices, MoH Ministry of Health, NGO non-governmental organisation, USA United States of America, USAID United States Agency for International Development