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Table 1 Frequency of issues being mentioned in included key publications from PubMed (n = 25)

From: Identifying priority technical and context-specific issues in improving the conduct, reporting and use of health economic evaluation in low- and middle-income countries

Issues Number of studies in which the issue is mentioned
Technical issues
Poor reporting 9
 Perspective not stated 7
 Methodology not presented in a clear and reproducible manner 2
 Disaggregated result not presented 1
 Funding sources not reported 1
 Ethical issues not discussed 1
Lack of high-quality local clinical data 7
Lack of local utility data 4
Sensitivity analysis not properly characterised 4
Some relevant cost data omitted 3
Incremental analysis not performed 3
Clinical data not based on systematic review 2
Lack of reliable cost data 2
Discounting not performed, if relevant 2
Methodology lacks standard, transparent methods 2
Comparator not appropriate 1
Variations among costs, effects and cost-effectiveness data within and between settings 1
No objective budget constraints or threshold applied 1
No reference case specific to developing contexts 1
Economic evaluation is not included in a formal process to support decision-making process 1
Limited local research capacity 1
Limited local good quality journal with a high standard process of review 1
Misunderstanding between researchers, academia and policy-makers 1