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Table 6 Solutions proposed by respondent and their frequency of being proposed

From: Identifying priority technical and context-specific issues in improving the conduct, reporting and use of health economic evaluation in low- and middle-income countries

Proposed solution Frequency
Development of tools and standards
 Development of standard methodological and reporting guidelines that are acceptable (i.e. understandable and perceived useful) for decision-makers and stakeholders in the country 19
ᅟImprovement or development of tools for utility weights 3
 Development of standard approaches for costing 1
Generation of data and construction of databases
 Construction of a database to collate all essential data and information needed in the analysis, i.e. cost and clinical data, from data that already exists in the health systems 7
 Generation of cost data through studies or standard cost lists 2
 Development of utility or disutility weights for LMICs locally and/or by region 2
 Conduct of studies on utility weights in the context 2
 Encouragement to the conduct of local clinical studies 1
 Conduct of research to estimate cost-effectiveness threshold 1
 Capacity-building to increase both the quantity of economic evaluation practitioners and the quality of their work 7
Networking and system to support and appraise  
 Create local system, e.g. technical committee, to support and appraise the conduct of economic evaluation 4
 Engagement of relevant stakeholders in the conduct of studies and facilitating more interaction between and among different stakeholders to create buy-in 3
 Creation of linkage and network with other researchers working in developing countries for knowledge and research sharing 1