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Table 2 Overview of policy intervention contents in the two Danish municipalities

From: Contextually tailored interventions can increase evidence-informed policy-making on health-enhancing physical activity: the experiences of two Danish municipalities

  Workshop I Workshop II Workshop III Workshop IV
Date 29.4.2013 24.6.2013 9.10.2013 27.11.2013
Content Facilitated discussion in groups on vision
Facilitated discussion in groups on the first steps toward realising the vision of the policy
Homework: Each of the participant filled out a scheme on initiatives directly or indirectly related to physical activity in their own administrative section
Facilitated discussion groups on vision
Facilitated discussion on strategic focus points
Presentation of possible models for intersectoral collaboration based on a rapid evidence assessment of relevant scientific literature and knowledge from the qualitative interviews
Facilitated discussion groups on the possible models for intersectoral collaboration in Kolding
Case-based group work with the aim of testing the potentials of the intersectoral network
Process evaluation
  Meeting I Meeting II Meeting III Meeting IV
Date 28.10.2013 16.12.2013 13.3.2014 12.6.2014
Content Matching of expectations for the policy
Discussion of resources and barriers related to physical activity initiatives
Homework: Mapping of existing activities related to physical activity
Discussion of policy template
Presentation of existing health-related activities
Discussion of intersectoral collaboration and relational coordination
Discussion of policy content – based on the homework of the participants
Oral presentation from REPOPA with knowledge input on the different themes in the draft – combined with a short report
Discussion of policy content and idea catalogue
Discussion of the inclusion of policy objectives in the municipal management style in Varde municipality
Process evaluation