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Table 1 Capacity-building and mentorship programme for documentation and publication of evidence-based papers: Activities and outputs

From: Building the evidence base on the HIV programme in India: an integrated approach to document programmatic learnings

Training in scientific writing and mentorship (2010–2013)
 Number of capacity-building and mentorship courses conducted Three courses comprising an initial training workshop in scientific writing and topic conceptualisation, followed by workshops and small group meetings to revise and finalise draft papersa
 Number of mentees trained over three courses 70
 Number of dropouts (did not complete the workshop) None
Training in scientific writing and mentorship (2014–2015)
 Number of scientific writing workshops conducted for NDAP analysts (in partnership with NACO) Three workshops, with follow-up support for paper writing
 Number of NDAP analysts trained 40
Workshop sessions
 Principles of effective writing, selecting a title, writing the abstract, writing the introduction, reviewing the literature, writing the methods section, data analysis (qualitative and quantitative), presenting data, writing the results and writing the discussion, principles of authorship, publication ethics and addressing reviewers’ comments; training in reference manager software
Outputs (2010–2016)
 Number of abstracts received for paper writing 110
 Number of programme-supported publicationsb 99c
  1. aSee Fig. 1 for details on the process of capacity-building and mentorship
  2. bProgramme-supported publications refers to papers supported technically and financially (processing fees in open access journals) by the programme
  3. cIncludes four papers finalised for publication