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Table 2 Themes identified in the data analysis

From: Frameworks for embedding a research culture in allied health practice: a rapid review

Theme Title and summary
Overarching theme The provision of research-informed healthcare that is consistent with best available evidence requires over-arching policies that enable the organisation and individuals to be research active
Theme 1 Regulatory environment, governance and organisational structures• Sustainable change requires allied health research policies, regulation, governance and organisational structures that support and value evidence-based practice
Theme 2 Leadership and management buy-in• Research capability, receptivity and literacy of healthcare leaders and managers are key to successful research implementation
Theme 3 Systems, tools, resources and time• The provision of research infrastructure, research systems, tools, databases, resources, time allocation, dedicated research staff positions, mentoring, professional education and mechanisms for recognition and reward are key organisational factors that enable research capacity-building• Partnerships between healthcare agencies and universities with co-located research leaders optimises research quality and productivity
Theme 4 Attributes of individual clinicians• Attributes and capabilities of individual clinicians such as research qualifications, skills, research literacy, communication skills, partnerships, confidence and motivation help strengthen and develop research interactions and increase research receptivity