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Table 2 Thematic framework: Factors explaining what influences conducting and implementing priority-setting results

From: Priority-setting in health research in Iran: a qualitative study on barriers and facilitators

Facilitator Facilitator and barrier Barrier
Theme 1: Managerial factors
 Meritocracy in management Individual willingness Rapid turnover of managers
 Commitment of managers   Scarcity of knowledge about HRPS
Theme 2: structural factors
 Publicising HRPS results Role of media Centralised decision-making
 Using an automated system   Integration of heath with medical education
   Lack of a national innovation system
   Stewardship – absence of a research map (research puzzles)
   Stewardship – inappropriate leadership of research
   Stewardship – lack of transparency in other sectors
   Stewardship – no standardisation
   Lack of evidence about research gaps
   No relation with industries
Theme 3: Motivational factors
 Considering intellectual property Limiting research budgets to priorities Inefficiency of faculties’ promotion criteria
   Narrow time limit for PS
Theme 4: Process factors
 Defining reliable PS criteria PS approaches Considering PS as a one-time activity
 Alignment with high level rule   Generalisation
 Stakeholders – ways of engagement   Ignoring appealing mechanisms
 Stakeholders – end users   Lack of a efficacious evaluation system
 Stakeholders – NGOs   Scientific autonomy
 Stakeholders – funders   
 Stakeholders – policy-makers   
 Defining scope of PS   
  1. HPSR health research priority-setting, PS priority-setting